Sawyer County enforces occupancy limits

Based on number of beds, our limit is four persons.

  • We are sorry, Pets are Not Allowed
  • When we have house rules it is to avoid violating county rules that can revoke our license and serves as keeping families and property safe. We value our guests who kindly respect these rules and have understanding that rules are there for good reason.
  • We ask that occupancy limits including No pets is followed
  • We ask that when using the fish cleaning area you clean up following to avoid bears, flies and for sanitation and cleanliness. This also includes rinsing both gut buckets if used.
  • We ask that the shower be squeegeed down after use. Doing both walls and doors helps keep hardwater spots from glass and prevents mold from developing on grout.
  • We ask that when using the stove top to please wipe any spills as needed.
  • We ask that you keep countertops and floors wiped or swept without leaving food crumbs or liquids that will attract ants. 
  • Please sweep or vaccuum sand that is tracked indoors.
  • Please do not run food leftovers down the sink and wipe plates and cookware of food with a paper towel and scrape into the garbage.
  • We keep a clean empty can in the fridge for bacon grease.
  • We do not allow portable grills or fish fryers to be placed on the picnic table or the concrete patio pavers on the premises. This has and will cause staining. We are focused on not making replacements of things due to guest neglect that cause damages, costing us time and money. We pride ourselves in keeping furnishings indoor and outdoors nice and like new condition.
  • Firewood is provided and is not to be extended out to use by friends or family staying elsewhere in the area
  • No use of fireworks or loud music

Thank you